Monday, September 24, 2012

Baby Fever

Really struggling with "the fever" tonight...  and I don't mean Bieber fever.  I'm talking about BABY fever.

Maybe it's because I've been feeling nauseous and crampy and "hormonal" in recent weeks. Maybe it's because I'm exhausted.  Maybe it's because every symptom I've been feeling seems to be someone's experience with pregnancy.  Maybe it's because I'm frustrated that I feel so icky without any excitement to make it 'worth it'. Maybe it's because I've been baby gift shopping or because several close friends and acquaintances are celebrating and announcing pregnancy, the birth of new little ones or recent plans to try for a family. Maybe it's because every time a young married female is out the the office at any sort of appointment, it's obviously a baby.  Sigh... no people,  I'm not pregnant. And I'm disappointed every single time I have to say it (especially when I have to explain what's going health-wise in order to "convince" people that I'm not).  I already feel bloated and emotional and in pain half of the time, It certainly doesn't help my heart to feel as though I have to explain myself. Please don't assume that just because I'm a young, married, Christian woman, that I'm expecting.

Don't get me wrong, I'm so incredibly happy for my friends that are expecting and those that have recently added a new member to their family! I honestly am. I absolutely love shopping for baby clothes and cute little items...  I love celebrating and I especially love seeing prayers being answered! I'm excited to be involved and I love to be Auntie Lauren.

<3 AND seriously, I found some of the most adorable and snuggly little things at the store tonight... with my most favorite baby creatures... elephants!!! :) Jed found this little sweater and I just cried.  So cute, so sweet.

There have just been so many emotions recently...  my own feelings, family concerns and heartache... I can't even process everything going on with my dear sister-in law as well as extreme excitement and concern for some of my other dear friends.  There's been a lot to process and I'm having a difficult time switching gears from being (in certain instances) very private to very public, hopeful to realistic, excited and non-emotional and still very sensitive and tactful.  So please bear with me, friends.  I love to hear your news, I really really do, so don't stop sharing. I'm so grateful to be involved but please don't be offended if I cry.  I'm just emotional.

I'm telling you...
those baby elephants and mini pigs evoke cuteness crying emotion that rivals Kristen Bell's love for sloths.   You have to watch this >> Kristen Bell Sloth Meltdown Video LOL

... and that's sayin' something!  Oh yeah, I'm that crazy.

On that note, Good night dear friends...

Good night sweet Evie. We all love you so much.
Good night little bitty ones and Momma's to be.  Praying for you and loving you, even if I'm not close by. <3 <3 <3