Thursday, August 14, 2014

Little Notes for Little Eli -Part 7

Your Daddy seems to be doing well in academy so far.  It's been really tough and very taxing physically, especially after working a desk job for several years ... it's pretty hard to compete with recent military retirees and those that had months to prep for academy but he's really pushing and I think you've been helping to keep him motivated. -- You're a very motivational little guy. ;)

He's a good man, Eli, a really good man.  He's tough, and determined, and wants to provide for his family (that's you and me, kid). You've got a great guy to look up to.

Can't wait until we have you as our son,

Daddy's first week of Academy and Aunt Mariah came to visit us.

It's always fun .. and slightly terrifying ;) to have her visit.  --Mostly because she can now operate a vehicle.  She did well though! -- I won't let her tote you around in any wheeled contraption except for your stroller for quite a while yet, but I was very proud of her.

I was scared for my life when attempting to jump out in front of moving traffic, mind you, but our little Yaris is a difficult stick-shift to drive.  Anyway-- our baby is all grown up ;) -- it's weird -- and it makes me feel old.

So... we mostly relaxed and munched on a ton of grapes and watched movies. We attempted to go to the zoo but Momma's body didn't do very well walking around in the hot, hot weather.  We still had fun though.

You are really going to like your 'adorkable' Aunt Mariah.  I just know it.

We are in the single digits, little man!  Only 9 weeks until we get to meet you (well hopefully) unless you decide to make an early appearance or make us wait even longer.  I'd really like to meet you on time or just a teensy bit early, okay?  Do you think you can make that happen?  ;)

Also, look at this adorable little sneakers. Too cute for words! While you may not get much use out of this particular pair, given their size and your current inability to crawl, walk, stand (or escape) ... I look forward to the days when you get great use out of wearing your sneakers to play outside and run a muck.

I was watching your dad work out last night after work and imagining what things will be like when you are old enough to really play with him.  I'm sure you'll love working out side-by-side with daddy.
My heart will be even fuller than it is right now, and that's pretty hard to imagine.

Love you a bazillion (and two) push-ups,
7/17 Black-tie awards banquet and RAM school graduation.

We still have only gained about 6-8 lbs (it fluctuates depending on the day) so far.  Sleeping has become quite an event! There are pillows and comforters everywhere! lol  Your dad has to go to bed as early as possible so he can survive very long, very active days at work, which sometimes doesn't quite jive with our late-night schedule- and bedtime wiggles (from the both of us). 
Little Monkey, 

THERE YOU ARE!!! It's so incredible to have a perfect little face to put with all your rolls and kicks and punches.  I know I'm partial, but I think your the most handsome little boy in the whole world!

At least there are perks to weekly testing. We have been incredibly busy over the last few weeks!  We have our regular appointments on a bi-weekly basis, just to check how pregnancy is going with our doctor.  We have weekly ultrasounds to check on your growth and fluid levels for gestational diabetes and to look at your little kidneys. We also have to go in for (what should be) brief non-stress tests to make sure your heart is happy and you are doing alright in there, again, due to gestational diabetes.  --And a few other specialist appointments with EVMS for diabetes and now, also Maternal Fetal Medicine (the prenatal urologist) and we have an appointment scheduled with a pediatric urologist too.  We want to keep a close eye on your once you are born to make sure you don't have any kidney issues.  They seem to think you have one "special" kidney that could potentially cause trouble... but sometimes these things will clear up themselves.  -- That's what we are praying for!   

The non-stress tests are kind of funny because you hate the monitors so much that you roll and kick until you are able to move out of the way. Since they are trying to keep track of your heart rate it can sometimes cause a problem because you get too wiggly and worked up that your heart beat 'falls' off the monitor-- and it can cause concern for the doctor who isn't in the room watching your (visible) acrobatics. ;)  Needless to say, 20 minute appointments can often last an hour or so simply because they want to keep checking on you.  hahaha. 

I definitely think you are going to keep us on our toes, little man! 

I can NOT wait to hold you in my arms and watch your Daddy see you for the first time too!
<3 Mommy 

Our 4th Anniversary as a family of 2.  We can't wait to meet you, little man!
Sleepless nights.  Somewhere between bathroom breaks, body aches and a constant 'cold' feeling, it's been pretty difficult getting a decent amount of sleep.  Sometimes we can't fall asleep and sometimes, like this morning, we get up around 4 to use the restroom and can't get back to sleep.  

We've seen a lot of I love Lucy episodes though ;).. and random food network programs.  - Ew, and infomercials. Those are terrible!  

Also your Daddy loves you so much and wants so many wonderful things for you.  You are going to adore him!

We love you, 
Mom and Dad

Sweet Hiccup-y Boy, 

I makes me so happy every time I feel your little hiccups. You have them all. the. time. --especially after we eat. ha ha!  I've heard that hiccups are very good and show that your practicing breathing - so that makes me feel very good about your little developing self! 

Man, the last couple of weeks have been hard.  Apparently 3rd trimester hormones are in full swing. Stresses from a lot of doctors appointments and scheduling and work stress and insurance troubles, miscommunication and not feeling well or sleeping well are making it quite difficult to function.  Things seem very out of control at the moment.  

I have been trying very, very, hard to keep my emotions in check and rely on God to work everything out, just as it should be... but I tell you, when it comes to finances and your health and my health and sanity... I can start feeling a little ... crazy!  Not to mention the fact that Daddy has been recapping his academy lessons with me after work, which are sometimes quite entertaining and sometimes... a bit overwhelming and scary. 

Talking about things like PTSD, coping with intense stress, always being on guard, police injuries and officer deaths and close combat etc... makes this fragile heart of mine worry like crazy about the life we are all about to commit to.  I worry so much about your Dad's safety and mental/emotional/spiritual well-being and of course, I worry about our family and home life and the kind of changes that will inevitably happen in our marriage with a new career path and a new little love (that's you) to think about. 

There has been so much change recently, and so much uncertainty to come, that it's really quite amazing these 'breakdowns' don't happen more often, I think. Your Dad has had to be a bit more gentle with his story-telling recently in order to keep me from melting down into a puddle of angsty tears.  I want to protect him and protect you and protect us ...  and mostly I want to make sure that I'm a good example of what courage and trust in God looks like.  It's harder to live out than it is to talk about, that's for sure. But we will all learn a 'new normal' and (I'm sure) learn to cope with stresses and scares and rely on peace from our Father an awful lot.

In other news. We love waffles and... we love mac and cheese (obviously- we just love mac and cheese all the time). We love Mochi ice cream (seriously-- we can't get enough) AND we love sleep. OOOOH we love sleep ...although "insom-nom-nom-nia" has taken over recently! 

I will admit, we have made quite a few midnight snack trips to the fridge for Mochi ice cream, a sweet and juicy apple, chocolate milk... or anything else that sounds enticing.  

"Sweet" dreams baby-boy. I know I'll be dreaming of sweet things. ;) 

This is our JAM!
Pennies from Heaven -Louis Prima


Yep. You have officially blocked my view to my toes. You must be growing like a champ! 

On the list of other things that I'm no longer able to do without having to hold my breath or sit down, become a Cirque De Soliel acrobat, or hold on to my lunch:

Tie my shoes.
Shave my legs.
Find things under the bed.
Eat food. Period.
Reach across my desk at work.
Get onto tall bar stools.
Put on skinny jeans.
Sit on the floor.
Get off the floor.
Get into bed.
Get out of bed.
Reach behind the seat in the car.
Reach into my purse on the floorboard.
Pull stuff out of a shopping cart. 
Look inside the washing machine and dryer for lost items.
Easily 'squeeze'' past someone at a dining table.

Oh yes.  You've been a little difficult to maneuver with, little man ;)  I imagine it's been a bit difficult for you to maneuver as well, though.  

Love you, little dude. 
We can not wait to meet you!