Thursday, April 17, 2014

Little Notes for Little One -Part 3

Silly Goose,

Today we woke up without an alarm! This never happens. We couldn't sleep in on our day off but ... I did get my hair all beautified and feel refreshed.  I can't wait until the day I get to do your hair too (maybe done like daddy's or braided and bowed).  I know these little notes may seem silly, but they make me feel even closer to you. <3



We started RAM school tonight to get certified for momma's job (future job hopefully).  *Your first day at school and you aren't even born yet ;)  We have to go to school on Mondays and Wednesday nights after work for several hours. (I either had to go next year and miss time and snuggles with you or go this year while we are still very much together.) I think this is best for the both of us.  I'm really praying that pregnancy-brain won't hit too hard this trimester.  It's really odd getting back into a classroom and staring at textbooks again,  but we really, really, like learning.

Let's keep these brain cells working, Baby.
Love you,


I hope you are doing well in there, kiddo!
...Now that nausea has mostly subsided, we are now having trouble with our blood sugar! Heavens! We still can't smell food before we eat it or we don't feel well.  You need to be fed every 2 hours (without fail)-- and we have to be very very very picky about what we eat and drink.  And sometimes, even the very best choices and constant snacking, don't quite help with our 'highs and lows' (especially while we sleep).  There is lots of pricking and testing and thinking and choosing and logging in store for us with this new routine.

We are tired and momma has been quite overwhelmed. But it is so worth it if it means I have a healthy You in the end! Let's pray your Daddy can handle all the "highs and lows" of this phase.  ;) We are proving to be quite a hand-full.

Love ya,
<3 Momma Meal-Ticket.

Little One,

We really like root beer floats AND we really, really, really like naps!!!
Without nappage, we will either:
a.) Have an emotional meltdown
b.) Fall asleep sitting up or standing up
c.) Turn into a crazy person 
(or all of the above)
...kind of like this poor kid...

Oh yeah.
This is going to be fun. ;)

Love you bunches,


We gave our notice today.  Our little family of three is headed back to the cottage to help with finances and convenience for the temporary.  It's exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time.  I'm so excited about this new chapter, love, but I also know that change isn't easy. We have lots of help and lots of love and God has blessed us with great family and great companies to work for.  I think our plan will help set us up for a less complicated and a bit less burdensome financial future. 

Also Momma is feeling a bit stuffed at the moment. ;) I have to admit- you've been making me feel awfully odd.  I'm not quite big enough to look particularly pregnant- but I'm certainly not fitting into my regular pants.  Keep growin' kid!  I'm sure I'll be plenty plump (and hot) come August and September.

We like walks, and water, and spending time with Daddy. We even "play" video games sometimes.  I'm sure he will teach you to master that controller much better than your Mom.

Love you, Kid
<3 Mom


Well it's amazing what a difference one week makes. I still can't feel you moving around but boy do I feel pregnant. It's weird how odd having bump makes me feel. I've felt a bit off balance and sleeping on my stomach isn't really comfortable anymore. The belly-band is in full use now as my pants won't quite fit around the waist.  I won't dare to actually complain though. It's so weird -- but wonderful.

I feel so blessed and I know how many ladies with momma-hearts haven't been able to experience this. <3 So thank you, Little One. And thank God for giving me this privilege!

Oh, I almost forgot! Daddy and I heard your heart beating strong on Tuesday. He's my 'lucky charm', I think.  Things always seem to go smoothly when he's around.  --Although your wiggly-ness wasn't making it very easy for the doctor find you.  I think you'll be a pro at hide&seek in the future. ;)

Love, Love, Love,
p.s. Look at us... aren't we cute ;)  >>>>>>

Little Guy,

We got to go to a very special appointment yesterday (after much convincing to your Daddy).  We got to take our time and see you on a moving "4-D" ultrasound!  How cool is that?!  You are still so little and 'fat-free' (I wish I was) ;) it was kind of silly seeing your tiny little self all cuddled up in there but so so sweet!

I've been suspecting you are a boy since I first saw your petite little profile a few weeks ago. You looked JUST like your Daddy! ...and it was absolutely astounding to see you laying with your little elbows up by your face, resting just like your Dad rests.  (I know because he's great at elbowing me in the face in the middle of the night- lol). 
And I knew when the ultrasound tech said she knew your gender pretty much right away that you were, in fact, a wee little man!

I have to admit, Sweetheart, I was so happy and so fearful in that moment.  I've never been a "Mom" and I've only ever "mothered" girls -- so it  has been a bit hard to settle into the idea of having a mini-Jed and not a mini-me. BUT heavens, Boy, you are so very loved!  Your Dad was beaming and I was just so content in knowing how special you are and what an answer to prayer you have been for us!  I can't wait to watch your Dad grow in his love for you and witness your "father-son" bond.  I so desire to share a special bond with you too!

You are SO special to me, Eli!
--Promise that you'll love me and kiss me and snuggle me, still. I promise to let you get dirty and play rough and let your Daddy take the lead on helping you grow up to be a strong, compassionate, and wise man. [Disclaimer: I may try to dress you up like a little old man]- I'm not going to lie - but even if you hate cardigans and bow-ties, do you think you could just give me a few minutes without ripping it off or getting completely dirty? .........  Well, we will work on that ;)

Love you so very much Eli Rieke. <3 
You make my heart melt already.  Heaven-help you when you are in my arms -- I might really smother you with kisses.
<3 <3 <3

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Old Wives Tales

Gender Predictions and Old Wives Tales 

Here we go...

1.Baking soda (fizz/no fizz)
None- GIRL

2.Ring (swings back and fourth or in circles)
Bump: Circles- GIRL
Wrist: Circles. Pause. Circles. Pause. Back and fourth. Stop.
(Boy, Girl, Boy)

3.Carrying low/high:
Bump is still quite small but I've been told a couple of times it's kinda high -GIRL

4.Craving sweet/salty:
Sweet. This is probably because I've been deprived recently- GIRL

5.Craving fruit:

6.Chinese gender predictor:

7.Mayan gender predictor:

8.Acne (better skin or worse skin)
? -No difference

9.Dry hands and cold feet:

10.Skull theory:

11.Heart rate:
GIRL typically between (146 and 160)

Jed and I both seem to think that my typical cycle of emotions is a bit tamer :)

13.Parent's dreams:
I dreamed that we had a BOY once
and Jed dreamed about a GIRL

Clumsy- BOY

15.Toddlers (if a toddler boy expresses interest in a pregnant woman, it's a Girl):
My little nephew Micah's predicts a...
GIRL (does that count?)

16.Left Side or Right Side more Comfortable:
Left Side- BOY

17.Dad Gaining Weight:
Nope- BOY


(although not as much anymore. hallelujah!) -BOY

20.Mom's Face Shape (rounder or thinner):
Not rounder -BOY

21.What do I (Mom) think:
At first, I thought Girl.  I feel pretty strongly that it's a BOY now though.
*10 for GIRL and 10 for BOY*
Clearly those Old Wives don't quite know what they think about our little one.
Either way, I just can't wait to find out and I can't wait to meet him/her!!! 

Any guesses?