Thursday, April 3, 2014

Old Wives Tales

Gender Predictions and Old Wives Tales 

Here we go...

1.Baking soda (fizz/no fizz)
None- GIRL

2.Ring (swings back and fourth or in circles)
Bump: Circles- GIRL
Wrist: Circles. Pause. Circles. Pause. Back and fourth. Stop.
(Boy, Girl, Boy)

3.Carrying low/high:
Bump is still quite small but I've been told a couple of times it's kinda high -GIRL

4.Craving sweet/salty:
Sweet. This is probably because I've been deprived recently- GIRL

5.Craving fruit:

6.Chinese gender predictor:

7.Mayan gender predictor:

8.Acne (better skin or worse skin)
? -No difference

9.Dry hands and cold feet:

10.Skull theory:

11.Heart rate:
GIRL typically between (146 and 160)

Jed and I both seem to think that my typical cycle of emotions is a bit tamer :)

13.Parent's dreams:
I dreamed that we had a BOY once
and Jed dreamed about a GIRL

Clumsy- BOY

15.Toddlers (if a toddler boy expresses interest in a pregnant woman, it's a Girl):
My little nephew Micah's predicts a...
GIRL (does that count?)

16.Left Side or Right Side more Comfortable:
Left Side- BOY

17.Dad Gaining Weight:
Nope- BOY


(although not as much anymore. hallelujah!) -BOY

20.Mom's Face Shape (rounder or thinner):
Not rounder -BOY

21.What do I (Mom) think:
At first, I thought Girl.  I feel pretty strongly that it's a BOY now though.
*10 for GIRL and 10 for BOY*
Clearly those Old Wives don't quite know what they think about our little one.
Either way, I just can't wait to find out and I can't wait to meet him/her!!! 

Any guesses?


  1. Well, since my vision is that Teresa and I will each be holding a baby as we pose together for a picture on Thanksgiving day, I think we'll just have to ask Luke if the photo quality will be better with two pink blankets, or with a pink blanket for Jossy, and blue blanket for our other baby. He's got a pretty good eye, so whatever he says, I guess we'll all just have to go with that. (For everyone else's pictures...well, I don't know how to work that out.) Alternatively, my biology teacher told me that the gender is determined by the father, so why don't we just ask Jed what he decided?

    1. hahahah! Jed dreamed girl recently but I think he decided he wanted a boy a long time ago (in his head) -- and considering the amount of Rieke boys 'round here... I'd say the Rieke genes probably decided on a blue blanket for E too. We will see!