Sunday, March 2, 2014

Little Notes for Little One -Part 2


Well today has been an interesting day. Seems as though these hormones are in full swing. Apparently I need to eat something every hour or I turn into a low-blood sugar, terribly nauseous, "hangry", weeping mess.

Speaking of weeping. I was watching cute and silly videos today and couldn't keep myself from crying. It's really quite ridiculous. Mother/son fun wedding dance... Tears. Hallelujah chorus at a shopping mall for Christmas... Tears. Cute puppy... Tears.

Everyone thinks that you must just be a sensitive soul, little one. :)

Love you -- to the point of tears,
;) Mom

Sweet heavens Baby,

Momma has not been feeling very well.  We don't seem to be liking food much at all right now. I've been trying to drink, drink, drink to keep up hydrated and happy though.  I sure hope you are doing well in there... and that you are growing! -- My hormones certainly seem to know we are changing.

Keep up the good-growing work,


We are so tired! Sweet georgia peaches, we can barely keep our eyes open sometimes. Yet oddly enough we can't seem to sleep when we want to most! (See, you are learning so much already... This is what we call "cruel irony")

I imagine we have many sleepless nights ahead of us -- lets just call this a trial run.  I'm sure we will be great snuggle buddies when I finally get to hold you and feed you and sing you songs. I really look forward to those nights. Sleeplessness has such lovely purpose.

I think it's nap time,
Your exhausted Momma


Your loving and oh-so-excited aunt Mariah has requested pictures of us.  -- However your very small stature, at this point, hasn't allowed for much 'bump-age'.  I do look forward to having some outward proof of your existence though soon! --But maybe not too much "proof" ;)

Thanks for your your consideration,

Baby E, 

Granny and Granddaddy came to visit us this weekend. They probably qualify for 'Survivor' now, as they were left to scrounge for food in our empty fridge for a couple of days -- and managed to survive on Fig Newtons, hot tea, oatmeal and tiny cheese wedges.

We still aren't liking food smells or tastes or thoughts of food very much but I think we are on our way to normal snacking soon! Woo hoo!

Hooray for family,

Little Love,

Well today marks 11 weeks for us.  We've made it so far, little one. Let's keep going strong! Momma has been quite dizzy recently but my appetite is finally starting to come back. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a recipe for disaster... but I'll take what I can get.  I have felt quite nauseous every day since our first couple of weeks together.  Over the past couple of days, despite nausea, I have been able to enjoy small bits of tasty foods without regretting eating. I do love food. Also, I love you.

Thanks for taking it easy on me this week,


You gave us quite a scare yesterday, Love.  We had an appointment on Tuesday and I got to hear you, once again. One quick swipe with a doppler and I heard that little bitty heart beating loud and clear. What a wonderful sound!

But later on that evening we were accidently hit pretty hard in the stomach and mommy was worried that you might have gotten hurt. We went back to the doctor for another quick check on the doppler  just to ease my mind.  Two nurses and a doctor couldn't find your little heart for 45 minutes so we had to wait and come back for an ultrasound days later.

My heart and your daddy's heart were breaking -- not knowing if you were okay. Our gracious friends were able to help us and we got to see you tonight, safe and sound, just wiggling around.
Thankfully you are so little and well-protected at this stage that you seem to be just fine.
(We do think you might have a future in acrobatics or martial arts, though.)  ;)

We love you, Baby, so so so much!  We are so incredibly grateful that our fears weren't confirmed and that you seem to be quite well.

Stay safe and keep practicing for your future acrobatic adventures,

Mom and Dad <3


  1. So glad everything is ok! Your poor nerves! Worrying about the unseen babies is really the WORST. Sorry you had to live through that. I used to sing that song to my babies almost daily. That one, and the one from the Prince of Egypt (hush now my baby, be still love, don't cry. Sleep like you're rocked by the stream) were my go-to lullabies for my babies when they were upset. :-)

    1. I'll take the nerves any day over bad news. Phew! Just so grateful. -- and aw. I forgot about the song from Prince of Egypt! Those are both so sweet!

  2. I like the "Let's keep going strong" line, and all the "we" lines--"We have many sleepless nights," "We had an appointment today," "We don't like the smells." A hilarious and interesting mommy perspective. Dad's would never think of things quite that way.

    Celebrating each day closer to a birthday right along with you.

    1. It's going to be such an exciting summer/fall!!!! --let me tell you-- I certainly feel like a "we" right now. It's kind of crazy how 'out of control' you feel of your own body. I'm sure that only gets worse. lol ohhhh, but it's so worth it!

  3. Reading these posts make my heart smile. I love you and wish you all the best!