Saturday, April 20, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home 

Living Room

The Couch Cushions are a bit 'squiggly' ... and my rainboots are in the entryway  but hey, a girl's got to have access to her rainboots, right?!

Entryway and Hall

Our Wedding 'Guest Book' - Love it.

Dining room- Yes there is a computer on my kitchen counter. 

Happy little office-  lots of light near the window.

Kitchen- where I stuff my face regularly.

Piggy- the only kind I'm allowed to have.  He's very happy.  

Master Bedroom-  Where sometimes Jed tries to make the bed over me in the morning. 

Make-up Station- glorious, no?

Guest Bathroom-

Guest Bedroom/Office/"Storage of Random Stuff Room"-  

Cutiful Bookshelf in Guest Room- filled with memorable things

Well, that's our place :)
 I think it's pretty cute...
especially now that our 2nd bedroom actually has a purpose, beyond storing boxes and bags and random junk that hadn't found a home yet.

Thanks for stopping by <3


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! --you know what I love. Having a bed for Micah to jump on and a super pretty dresser for books and pictures and a very sweet stuffed animal in the guest room ;)

  2. looks beautiful!!! your home looks so welcoming and classy. Like you. :)

    1. Thanks Whitney!
      That's what I was going for:)

  3. Look at your cute apartment!! And hey! I spy me!

    1. My home wouldn't be my home without you in it somewhere <3 ...and thanks :) I like it.