Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Wish, a Kiss and a Prayer

Hopes I had and still have for our little one and for our little one(s), hopefully, still to come someday...

I pray that …

 you will always come to me when you are hurting. Even though I won’t be able to take the pain away every time, please let me help comfort you, even if that simply means holding you or telling you how much you are loved.

you will let me share in your happiness and excitement when things are going well.

you will learn to make your own choices and decisions in life.  I want you to be able to weigh consequences and benefits of your decisions and make up your own mind. 

you will consistently ask God for wisdom and understanding … and trust Him when He answers. 

you trust your decision-making ability when you know the truth.

you will be solid in your beliefs but mold-able and tender to those around you. 

God will be the center of your life.  I want His truth to weigh heavily upon your heart, even more than your dad’s and my words.

you will be able to tell me anything and know that I will still love you and always, always, want you. 

your stubbornness (which you clearly get from your father)  ;)  will be used as a motivator to accomplish great things and influence others towards honorable things.

you will put family first, and treat your friends as treasures.

you like being neat and tidy (I can dream, can’t I?)

you get your dad’s smile and that you’ll smile as much as he does.

you will know your God-given value, always.

you will always treat others with respect and courtesy.

you will thoroughly think through your words and actions and tread carefully when others’ hearts are on the line. 

you won’t over think everything. 

you will always know truth. I desperately want you to know the difference between lies and truth …and never let the lies sink into your heart.

you will be an encourager. This world has plenty discouraging things. Everyone needs a little support.

you never give up (especially during the times when you can’t quite see the light at the end of the tunnel) …even when you can’t wrap your mind around everything going on.  I hope you press forward and always look up for guidance.
you aren’t afraid to be a little silly.  You don’t always have to be completely serious. Relax, enjoy the small things and have fun growing up.

you will to know who's you are and who God made you to be. I pray that you’ll know your strengths and your weaknesses and use your talents for His glory.

you will learn from your mistakes and be careful and not repeat them.

you know what makes you special and valuable. 

you will know what makes you “normal”, so you can connect with others and better understand their thoughts and feelings.  Understanding is often a key to encouragement.

you will always see the potential in yourself and in others. 

you are honest, trustworthy, and always willing to work for what you want.

you use caution in all things but don’t allow caution to harden your heart or make you fearful.

you find great value in loving others.

you are motivated to influence others positively …whether it’s a few or a few hundred.

you learn to rest and relax.  It’s important to enjoy being still and quiet. 

you will learn balance …in relationships, in service, in working and learning and finances.

you will always love and respect your daddy.

you will love being snuggled and hugged like your momma does.

you won’t allow emotions to rule you but that you will still be able to ‘feel deeply’ for things that break God’s heart.

you will always protect and care for the people you love.

eventually, you will meet someone who challenges you, comforts you, protects your heart, and always leads you back to God when you feel like wandering. 

you will always direct those who are hurting to the One that can fill their needs and mend their hearts.

you truly enjoy music. Selfishly, I hope that you love music, singing, playing…  it would be so wonderful to share music and song with you.

you always keep a sense of wonder and amazement.

you’ll be adventurous and spontaneous and goofy. How else will we have late-night ice cream outings and music-filled mini road trips?

I love you little one... I’m going to love you even when you are grown, and strong, and perfectly independent.  I won’t always have the right words to say, and I’m sure I won’t always do the right things either, but just know that every bit of me loves you, and has, even before I knew we would have you. Every time I dream about the future and our little family, I pray for you and for the person you will become.  ...and mostly ,I pray that God will allow me to have you, and keep you, someday. 


  1. Lovely thoughts from a lovely mama's heart. I pray the same for your sweetie as well <3

  2. <3 Sissy you are going to be one amazing mommy <3

  3. Maybe you know that some of us old parents pray all those exact same kinds of things for our adult children--for our daughters-in-law! My prayers for you are that you, like a small child, will really and deeply feel charming and wanted and lovely whenever you're around Teresa and me, for you to always feel our unconditional devotion to you, for you to be always true to the highly personalized leading of the Lord in your life while also being moldable and tender to those around you, and that you will always be spiritual and virtuous, and that you will always be blessed with adventuresome feelings and feelings of being relaxed and at peace, and that you will always be, as you say it, a little silly and spontaneous. Sometimes the pressures and realities of adult life push away the "sense of wonder and amazement" that children seem to achieve so easily. "Running against the wind...Deadlines and commitments. What to leave in. What to leave out." But Walt had it right, as long as Jesus is factored into the equation, "There's a great big beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of every day...and tomorrow's just a dream away." (Carousel of Progress theme song)

  4. Lovely, Lauren. Enjoy these moments, they pass too quickly.
    Love Dave's comment too!