Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hey! I'm Walking Here!

So.... today had an interesting start...

I actually went in to work a tad bit late today because I wasn't feeling very well and thought it might be smart to prevent sickness by recouping a couple hours of sleep this morning. Anyway...things were pretty normal and casual.  I casually drove into work, casually got out of my car, casually walked toward work, casually started crossing the street (when the little 'white walking man'  said okay)... and then casually hit by a car! 

I know!  I'm not exactly exaggerating, the guy was only going like 1 mph, but still!!!  I stepped out, took a couple of steps and felt something hit my left knee. I was shocked at first, then angry.  I thought he was trying (as some ridiculous people do) to scare me by lurching towards me.  Those "city people" ;)   I'm please to say that he certainly wasn't trying to run me over.  I don't know if he was half asleep, distracted by a bee or just blissfully unaware of his surroundings... but he certainly wasn't paying attention.  I'm guessing that he simply took his foot off the break and his shiny automatic car decided to move.  

I quickly moved sideways and hit his hood with the palm of my hand once. Apparently he didn't see or hear me, still... and he kept on coming. By the time I caught a glimpse of his face (instead of the side of his head) I was fully bent over the front of his car and pounding on the hood with  both fists!

Obviously he hit his breaks and gave me the 'two-handed double high-five of regret' as he mouthed "sorry" (I think). I was just so stunned at what had happened... and there was an entire row of cars that were also sitting at the light.  I was embarrassed, I'm sure he was embarrassed.  As soon as I passed, he quickly made a right turn and sped away.  In a 2 second period, it's funny how much stuff went through my head. I'm sure I looked like a deer in headlights. Then my eyes teared... and then I snickered the whole way into work thinking of how ridiculous I must have looked as a hood ornament.   By the time I made across the next block to my building I was shaking so badly I thought I might need to sit down though.  Silly adrenaline.

Rethinking the situation I really wish I would have done a couple of things differently...
1. I would have actually yelled something in hopes of him hearing/seeing me sooner  ....and for effect....
I would have either:
1. Kicked his bumper really hard after he hit me this granny.... Granny Hits Car 
2. Pulled one of his windshield wipers off (Jed suggestion) or
3. Taken a pronounced bow  :)


Poor guy.  I was thinking afterwards how scared he must have been. Hitting a pedestrian is on my top 5 list of things I'm completely petrified of.

Anyway, I hope this bizarre little experience gave you a chuckle too.
I'm really grateful he was only creeping along... it gives me fun stories to tell.

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