Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lots of Prayers

There are so many things (prayer requests and desires for my friends and family) that have been floating around in my mind and have been on my heart a lot lately... I thought I might share them.

I know that by praying constantly, I'm less likely to constantly worry.

If you really believe in the power of prayer and would like to lift these up as well, I’m sure everyone would be very appreciative!

do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. - Philippians 4:6-7 

People to pray for:

April- as she had been struggling with some severe health issues for many years now… for comfort, ease in pain and symptoms, wisdom for the doctors, encouragement for her and her family

Lauren and her husband John as they are adjusting to a beautiful newly baby girl and a spunky toddler that has been recently diagnosed with autism… for financial peace, patience, wisdom, time management, energy and encouragement... (just some things I think they might struggle with)

Sarah and her husband, Josh and son, Micah - as they prepare to meet their little girl, Evie within the coming month and prepare to lay her to rest. Of course we’d love a miracle though.  ...For quick healing for Sarah physically after delivery, for encouragement, for emotional healing and a peace that surpasses understanding through all of this, especially during the grieving process over the next months, years…  (for Martin and Rieke families as well) 

a friend who is in a very transitional period of life… for energy, patience with the little people she teaches, for her family’s decisions and her own… that God would make the path clear for her and encourage her heart a lot along the way.

my bestie Emily, her current job hunt and other stuff...

my best friend in VA beach and her husband and her mom- as they prepare to move to another state (far away) in the next several months.  They have a lot to do with buying a house out of state, renting out their house here, packing, work, travel and stress (which is causing some heath concerns) etc... 

a friend that is healing from a break-up… and figuring out her direction in life and growing more in Christ.

a friend that is making ministry and college decisions… as her choices have an impact on future plans and goals and desires, travel, finances etc…

a friend who is in the midst of several decisions that are time sensitive… for  communications between a current employer and a possible job offer… for wisdom, clear communication, financial stability and peace in whatever decision is agreed upon  …and all the other things that a new job and potential move could bring.

a friend and her husband who are preparing to meet their first little one in a short few of months

a friend who is grieving the loss of a friend, battling lots of emotion and for her boyfriend who is grieving his loss as well.

friends who are holding down the fort while their loved ones are deployed.

friends who recently lost a new family addition and are processing through those emotions.

my Mom as she is trying to make ends meet and has been taking on the difficult job of taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s.

my Dad and Julie as he is working a lot of hours and as they are caring for and making decisions for an aging parent. 

my Sister as she has now entered the world of High School!  …and some unspoken requests that a big sister has for her baby sister.

our church family …as things have been softened and strengthened over the last couple of years... and for the people who consistently 'make it all happen'   …for energy, passion, strength, grace, perspective, truth…

our iD group... as we are all, at this time of life, kind of living in 'limbo'. We are just trying to prioritize and be the best example we can for Christ (wherever we are and in all that we are doing at the moment).

friends who are finishing up high school and making college plans

friends who are healing from break-ups 

friends who are working through their college course work while working full-time

friends who are making decisions regarding their careers and where they are going to plant roots in the near future

friends who are dealing with tough work environments, crazy co-workers or bosses, crazy hours

friends who are looking for employment

friends who have recently gotten engaged and are in the midst of wedding planning, and future planning as a couple

friends who are struggle with health issues and are seeking healing and answers


There seems to be so much going on in the fall in particular... with a new year of schooling, new jobs openings after the new fiscal year, deployments, new babies, losses, holidays and family gatherings.  Most good things even come with a good bit of stress…  so I just thought I’d share what’s been on my heart recently regarding those closest to me. 

Please keep Jed and I in prayer too as we are trying to figure out whether we (both or one of us) want to go back to school and get Master’s degrees and when we should go if we decide that it’s feasible and wise.  That something changes (for the better) with pay or position that will help us (from a financial perspective) to pay off our debts and plan for future and/or better our resumes in the future…
There are so many possibilities and potential paths for us to take right now.  We need to choose what’s best overall financially, what’s best for our relationship, for our family future, for our ministry (?- whatever that is and will be) 

Ultimately our concern isn’t about the money… it’s about prioritizing.  We want to be spiritually wise but we also need to be sensitive to the world/economy we are living in too.

Thanks, all.  <3

We trust that God’s got it all under control. He knows the perfect way to answer our prayers even when we don’t know what to ask for.

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