Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Fake Out.

4:15!!! Only 15 minutes until my grand escape and adventure through Virginia traffic to my humble abode… where I can relax on my big comfy couch and play on Pinterest for 15 minutes until my Jed gets home.  So excited!  Finally time to go! 

The day has drug on and on after yet another rough morning.  (I’m really getting “good” at getting off on the wrong foot.  lol)

I started the day off with a bang with a coffee mishap, heavy tunnel traffic, my 1st time being late to work, additional end of month responsibilities and a heavier than normal call load due to the beginning of the month… oh, plus a wacko time clock that claims it’s July 32nd and stamps all my documents for the first 3 hours of my morning. Psh (who knew)

Yeah, it’s been THAT kind of day. 

This afternoon has been better though!  Pleasantries have been shared via the telephone and I’ve got a very sweet southern style tea on my desk.  Ah. AND…it’s 4:15! Can I say it again, what a relief! I’ve been working like crazy today… which typically leads to a very fast, very fulfilling afternoon!

…One of the managers hustles out, the boss leaves, office chatter begins, a rush of callers (all trying to get information before court tomorrow and updates from court today). I finish dispersing my paperwork and tidying up my workspace. Ah, it’s so nice to have a fresh space in the morning,

but wait…

my time clock must be off again…. 

This silly thing say’s it’s 3:30!  

3:30… as if…

  • record  screeches *

Nooooooooooooooooo!!!! I’ve got an hour to go!!!!

Sweet Tea, please sustain my brain abilities for the next hour. Thank You <3


Your very exhausted and very disappointed desk buddy.

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