Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Receiver.

I <3 My Job.


Towards the end of the day today, my co-worker (who shall remain nameless) did something quite unexpected and it made me laugh super hard.

Back story: Her court partner has been on vacation for the last week and she was quite busy today processing normal court paperwork and handling a rather high profile case (complete with TV crews and reporters stationed outside of the courthouse), which all apparently led to a rather stressful afternoon.

I sit diagonally from her cubicle and typically around this time of the afternoon, we end up chatting about movies or music or funny calls I get at the reception desk. She always tells me that I handle myself well on the phones and am much nicer than she would be with some of our callers.  ...Today I got a glimpse into the world of her + stressful telephone calls.

I transfer a call to her line,
She picks up the phone, talks for a moment...
(Politely and calmly) says to the caller, "Can I put you on hold for a moment..."
Puts the caller on hold...

and proceeds to rapidly beat the telephone receiver on the edge of her desk!!!

The office went silent.

She shouts "I've had it!"
and then picks up the receiver, picks up the line again, and (just as calmly as before) continues to assist the caller.

I almost fell off my chair.  

And that's how it's done folks.  

 I wanted to give her a standing ovation, or maybe a vacation... but all I did was laugh.  

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