Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Decisions, Decisions.

I know I've been quiet for a couple of months and thought I'd let you in on the inner workings of this mind of mine. There are about a million and two questions that have been circling my mind and laying heavy on my heart over the last several weeks. 

Here are 5: 

1. Do I really have to give up what we just thought God was orchestrating for us, change my job yet again and revert back to our living situation from 6 months ago? (not that it's the worst- certainly far from it- so don't get me wrong. It's more about the principle and resulting hurt than the situation itself)

2. Do I really have to give up hope on having a baby, yet again, after feeling so hopeful and sure that God was orchestrating it for us... and wait another year to 2 years before trying for family (assuming that in 2 more years, things will be okay financially).  This breaks my heart and I have to constantly put it in 'check'.

3. Would I rather give up the stress of my current job (which allows some flexibility and 'at home' hours) in hopes of making more money (to hopefully aid in family planning)...
4. Would I rather stay where I am (stretching myself thin with work and stress and praying for consistent opportunity for cash-flow) in hopes of having space and the ability to stay home with an infant (that may or may not come to be in the next year or 2).

5. Which risk is the most 'right'?

Here are my options:

Option #1.
Work a 'normal' 9-5 office job again, leaving our 2 bedroom place behind, and moving back into the cottage so we can try to save money. 

2 year job commitment to prevent job-hopping -resume.
Ability to rest without being 'on call' 24-7.
1 bedroom studio (great little space for just us!) instead of 2 bedroom apartment.
Little room for growth, space-wise.
Little flexibility with 9-5 job
Great flexibility at the cottage if the "bottom falls out" financially.
Great flexibility with choosing to lease in the future (not held to a lease agreement).
Less expense, more savings.
Ability to pick up side-job.
Evenings and weekends free for service, friends, family and rest (as finances allow when trying to save a great deal of money)

Option #2
Work a 'normal' 9-5 office job again, leaving our 2 bedroom place behind, and moving into a 1 bedroom apartment. 

2 year job commitment to prevent job-hopping -resume.
Ability to rest without being 'on call' 24-7.
1 bedroom apartment (with a bedroom door-hooray) instead of 2 bedroom apartment.
Little room for growth, space-wise.
Little flexibility with 9-5 job.
Little flexibility with lease agreement.
Added expenses, added income, little to no savings.
Ability to pick up side-job.
Evenings and weekends free for service, friends, family and rest (as finances allow).
Privacy and space.
Possibility to be close to job(s) for convenience.

Option #3
Continue where we are, managing apartment complex, but pick up multiple side jobs to make ends meet.

Job directly relates to housing situation.
2 bedroom apartment.
Room for growth and guests.
Great neighborhood and area.
Flexibility in terms of day to day activities and timing.
Ability to 'stay at home' with a child.
I don't have to travel to work at all.
Not particularly convenient travel to daily activities but not terrible.
Ability to work side job(s) to make ends meet.
Have to work side job(s) to make ends meet.
Expected to be 'on call' 24-7 and 'in-office' for 44 hours a week. (Monday - Saturday)
Only compensated for 20 hours of weekly work in exchange for housing.
Only one day off per week (Sunday- but emergencies always take precedence)
On call 24-7.  Little rest, often high stress and 'emergency' deadlines that must be met.
Having to take on side-jobs doesn't allow a great deal of time for serving (at church) like I'd like to, doesn't allow us to give (financially), like I'd like to, or maintain relationships like I'd like to.

*there are so many variations of each of these options depending on jobs, pay rates, hours worked and days worked...

Around and around we go....

I measure just about everything through these three questions:
Is it RIGHTeous?  Is it Logical?  Does it bring glory to God?

None of these options, despite lots of prayers, have been clearly laid out as much more right or more logical or more glorifying that the others. Not having clarity on these things really makes decision-making incredibly difficult and exhausting. -- One moment I'm crying over not wanting to give up on what I thought we would have here, at this job and house... and the next, I'm thinking that, perhaps, with just a little more time and money we can finally get 'there' ...and with the next breath I'm wondering if God wants us to get 'there' at all.

What takes precedence?  Giving (money and time) to church, family, friends? Having a family of our own?Serving and witnessing through the workplace?  Being responsible with finances and saving as much as possible, as to not inconvenience or impose on family and friends?

I couldn't  be any more heavy-hearted or confused than I am now (and have been) while trying to seek clarity from God on these things so...

I'm completely and totally open to all suggestions.  What would you do? Have you ever been in a win/win or no-win situation?  How did you decide? What do you think? 

Before you think I've fallen off the deep-end (because my post isn't filled with bible verses) just know that my heart isn't ungrateful or unyielding or completely discontent.  This is my heart and my mind at work-- and it's been quite a battle.  ...and there's more to come on that.


  1. Well, I kind of like to think if all opportunities are "equal", as these seem to be (equal amounts of give & take/pros & cons to each) - not one door seeming more "open" than another, and God's thoughts on the subject seem to be fairly even...pray about the choice, and pick one. Done. Lol. Will of God made easy? Hardly, but maybe. The only thing about it, is that once you made the choice, walk confidently in God's will on it (don't second guess choice if "bottom falls out" etc. What happens good or bad was part of the plan, part of the growing and part of life. God uses it all). That is my general advice about these decisions. Specifically - it would be hard to pick one, only because I am not you - I know what it's like to live in all kinds of crazy, believe you me. Choose something that gives you the most peace, day in day out. It might not give you the most TIME, or the most flexibility...but the most peace, (or the least amount of stress). If smaller living quarters are really not your thing (not for everyone), and you can't really handling thinking about living like that for 2 + years, than don't pick that one. If saving money/having child(ren) sooner than later seems like the best way, than moving to the cottage may be the best idea (relieves money apprehension at least). Let me assure you, if you are willing to let go of some expectation/the "norm" these days regarding infants and children - you don't need a lot of space. I have never been in the cottage, so I am not sure exactly how cozy we are talking about here, but babies are tiny, and they need onesies & milk. :-) It's fun to have umbrella stroller, mall stroller, jogging stroller, 7 kinds of bouncy seats and jumpers and 3 car seats and 2 highchairs, but I promise you, you don't need any of those things. One of my brothers slept in an empty dresser drawer (pulled out of course, haha!), and my mom used to put babies to sleep in the tub too, when space was needed. Sounds hilarious and makes for a great story and memories. All that to say that a small living space doesn't necessarily preclude have a baby. Unless the "American dream/vision" for said child involves bedroom painted with matching bedding:-) All of those things are nice and amazing (and you will have them someday!) But struggling along is ok too. Heck, 10 years later...haha!! There's some encouragement for you and a few thoughts! <3

  2. oh to clarify - I about making the initial decision - basically I would pick one, and then pray that if its NOT God's will, it would be obvious and doors would close - if they don't than you can be confident in your decision even if the "bottom falls out" etc. :-) He is able to use our circumstances, and He does! A closed door (like not being able to find an apt to rent that is affordable or in a decent location) is kinda like an obvious door-closed sign