Friday, November 23, 2012


100 things I'm Thankful for.... 
(just to name a few...and in no particular order...)

1.     My Jed. He is wonderful and loving, romantic, manly, kind, genuine, playful, hysterical, sweet, tough, honest, gracious, strong, committed, motivated, intelligent… I could go on.
2.     Jed’s health and emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.
3.     The love of our families.
4.     Amazing friends.
5.     The health and well-being of our family and friends (physically, financially, spiritually etc…)
6.     The cottage and financial assistance from the Riekes.
7.     Jed’s job.  (He makes most of the income.  His boss is wonderful and he loves what his organization stands for.)
8.     My job.  (I have great benefits. I’ve had the ability to take time off work… even as a “new” employee… to tend to health and family priorities. I have kind, intelligent, “motherly” managers that have given me the encouragement I desperately needed after my last position.)
9.     Church family.
10. Running water.
11. Hot water for cooking and cleaning.
12. Cleaning products.
13. Air conditioning and heat.
14. Electric.
15. A fridge full of food.
16. The ability to go grocery shopping, pick food, prepare food, keep it preserved and use it later.
17. Restaurants (when we are busy or need a break).
18. A closet full of clothing (nice clothing, at that).
19. Warm coats
20. Scarves
21. Lip balm
22. Make-up in general. (so I can put my…. “best face forward”  ;)--)
23. The ability to walk and see …and take care of myself on a daily basis.
24. Bug spray.
25. Paper towels.
26. Sweet tea!  Hallelujah!
27. A nice open living room and kitchen so we can still ‘entertain’ in our little space.
28. Toothpaste and toothbrushes.
29. Our healthy Yaris. (despite some cleanliness issues ;)  …she’s pretty fabulous.)
30. Our Accord. (He’s good on gas and gets where he needs to go.)
31.  The identity group
32. Our non-concrete kitchen flooring. Praise, God. I doesn’t drive me insane everyday.
33.  A new (ginormous) tv.
34. Soft and snuggly throw blankets.
35. Clothes hangers.  I love non-wrinkled clothing.
36. My hair dryer, straightening iron and curling iron.
37. Bobby-pins and hair ties
38. The ability to look up questions on the internet.
39. Remote controls.
40. Locks on the house and car and office.
41.  Interesting articles (so I can learn).
42. Paychecks. WOOOOO!
43. Health insurance.
44. A good family doctor and a couple of good specialists (Dr. Saadeh in particular) who are willing to listen to me, work with me and save me time off work and money in little ways.
45. Pinterest. (so I can escape from work and emotion and just browse)
46.  All kinds of food. Sprinkle donuts. Burritos. Pizza bites.  Mac and Cheese. Mashed potatoes. Stir-fry veggies. Dark chocolate covered pretzels and cherries. Frosted flakes. Mini-Wheats. Perogies. Homemade stuffing. Apples. Chinese food in general.
47. Chai tea lattes. Caramel Lattes. Tea. Orange Juice. Apple Cider.
48.  Our rice cooker.
49.  The feel of new socks.
50. The soft glow and warm scent of candles.
51. Comfy couches.
52. Medicine to help the body function correctly.
53. Medicine to help take away pain.
54.  Warm showers.
55. Indoor plumbing.
56.  Fuzzy rugs.
57. A stocked food pantry.
58. Glasses to drink from.
59.  Pretty gift-wrapping materials.
60. Christmas ornaments and lights.
61. Our porch swing.
62. The plant on our porch that Teresa takes care of.
63. Visits from Daisy.
64. The lawn that’s taken care of by Dave.
65. Thursday night dinners and chat time.
66. Super fun rain boots.
67. A purse to tote all my stuff around in.
68. A calendar to keep me organized.
69. Nail polish to make me feel… ‘polished’
70. Hard times to keep me grounded and realistic.
71. The ability to understand things and connect with people.
72. Warm slippers.
73. Other medicine flavors other than grape!
74. Yoga pants.
75. Jammies.
76. Non-stick cookware.
77. Fluffy bed comforters.
78.  Cell phone with internet and texting.
79.  MUSIC.
80. The ability to sing.
81.  Fellowship with family, friends and church friends.
82.  Movies and tv shows to ‘escape’ into.
83.  Funny incidents and stories to tell.
84. Inside jokes and ‘mental images’ that always make me snicker.
85. Strong hugs.
86. Soft kisses from my man.
87. Board games and icebreakers.
88.  A grill.
89.  Safety during travel.
90.  Sunshine and cool breezes.
91. Autumn leaves.  That proves there is so much beauty in life and in death.
92. Falling snow.
93. Perfume, cologne, lotion.
94. Soft pillows.
95. Sunglasses.
96. Spontaneous dance parties with best friends.
97. Windy roads (they are so fun to drive on).
98. The ability to smell lovely and delicious things.
99. The ability to make others smile or feel special
100. A God that knows me so well and loves me so much.

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