Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jed.

Happy Birthday, Love.

25 Things I love about you:

1.Your motivation
2.Your love for God
3.Your strength and courage
4.The way my family loves you like the son they never had
5.The way to laugh when you tease me
6.The way you always try to fix things
7.Your silly sense of humor and unrestrained laughs
8.Your coffee making abilities
9.Your kind eyes
10.Your strong hugs
11.The way your brush my hair out of my face
12. They fact that you're a human heater
13. The way you always smell so good... 
(well, maybe except right after baseball)  ;)
14. Your little dances and shimmys 
15. How focused you are when you're on a mission, even if it's a mission to fix the internet or calculate something
16. The way you show me cute things on the computer to make me smile
17. The way people always love you right away
18. The way you try to scoop up (and love on) the ones who aren't always the most 'popular'
19. The way you often know my thoughts before I say them
20. Your long eyelashes 
21. The way you love me even when I'm grouchy
22. Your desire to please those you admire
23. Your passion for service
24. Your love of loud music
25.  Those adorable laugh lines around your mouth
I'm so grateful for you
I Love You, Today and Always. 


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