Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Work Day

Caller:  Can you tell me if I have a case coming up this month?
Me:  Sure. Is it a support case? What’s the last name of the person that pays the support?
Caller:  Iwish Hedid
Me:  *laugh
Me:  Okay, Let me clarify… What’s the name of the person that’s supposed to be paying support?"

Me: *pick up the phone
Caller: “I need to know when my court date is”
Me: please hold.
*shakes head

Caller:  I need to get a phone number from you
Me:  Okay, it's…
Caller:  Hang on, Hang on   …let me get a pen
*crickets chirp* 
Caller:  ...
Caller:  ...

and my personal favorite...

An older man called today saying he wanted to just talk to the Judge about changing an order regarding his grandkid. After telling him he would have to file a motion and come to court to speak with the Judge with all parties present... 

He asked if he could "just Skype with the Judge"

I had to cover my mouth to keep my burst of laughter from being heard.  It was cute.  Silly, but cute.

Attire shoe now has a mouth.

After Work-Day Weather

God certainly has a sense of humor.  


  1. This was one of my favorites for bloggage, but maybe not so good to live through! Very crazy people on the phone! I guess you just have to laugh. least the down pour didn't happen to you at lunch!!

  2. lol!! I so wish I'd been writing down customer service type calls when I had them. I remember some hilarious conversations! Some day you'll look back and laugh even harder than you are now!

  3. oh, and we looked like that too...we literally got rained out of the botanical gardens and were soaked!