Monday, August 20, 2012

Note to Court Callers

Please Do NOT:

-Let the line ring once, hang up and call right back several times in a row. This does not help you when trying to obtain information or me when trying to pick up busy phone lines.

-Hang up after I place you on hold.  When you call back, I’m going to end up putting you back on hold. I’m still on the other line with the same caller I was on with 10 seconds ago. And now I may very well have another caller on hold as well.  Now you're in the back of the line.

-Call and refuse to wait on the phone line  …then proceed to leave multiple messages on my voicemail.  I can’t retrieve my messages when I have callers, therefore I can’t call you back if I can’t check my messages.  (So, on a busy day, it may be a half our or longer before I can escape from answering calls, write down your message and go through the codes to call you back).

-Mumble. I can’t understand anything coming out of your mouth.

-Call me back multiple times because you refuse to leave a message for a clerk or another department. I transferred you there because I am unable to help you.

-Yell at your kids or dog or 'baby daddy' into the phone (aka my ear).

-Turn your TV up as loud as it goes, call the court and get angry when I can't hear you.

-Call the switchboard and complain because you’ve been transferred several times.  It’s the Switchboard, not the “Ultimate Answer Board.”

-Curse out the receptionist. It does not promote an “above and beyond” desire from her.  If you care to curse out the receptionist, she won’t care to help you out any further than necessary.

-Let the phone ring only 2 times before hanging up. By the time I hear it, tell the other caller I need to put them on hold, and try to answer the phone, you’ve already hung up and wasted time I could have spent finishing up with the previous caller and moving on to you.

-Call the courts while intoxicated, asking about your court date for a drunk in public charge. Not smart.

-Ask me a question and then tell me my answer is wrong.

-Get aggravated when I ask you questions.  In order to direct you to the correct place or person, I need to know what’s going on. 

-Continue to call Juvenile Court after I’ve explained to you, time and time again, that you’re case is not in Juvenile Court.  Call the court number I gave you, please.

-Request that you be transferred to a manager, or co-worker, in hopes of getting a different answer.

-Call and specifically ask for a Judge, by name, as though you are long-time friends. I’m not going to put you through and neither is their secretary. 

-Call the switchboard and complain about something the “other lady” told you earlier. It’s still me.  I may be busy, and a bit frazzled, but I know I didn’t say that. 

The frazzled lady who's just one angsty caller away from running out the door screaming. You might be on hold forever.  ;)

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