Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jello-Leg Syndrome

So you know those popular e-cards that have some sort of sarcastic comment… I saw one about a week ago while perusing Pinterest and it said this:

I would like to inform you that I will not be repining that remark…  because my body is certainly regretting my working out and lack of sleep.

also because... clearly the person who came up with it has never experienced Jello-Leg-Syndrome.

Symptoms include: wobbly legs, the inability to squat (even to the level of a desk chair) and back pain that causes a 24 year old to walk around like an arthritic elderly woman.

Instead, I would like to propose a new e-card remark:

“That Jillian Michaels is a real treat." 
-No One Ever   

I lie. 

I like her, and I actually did like her workout and obviously it did something!  It’s like an intense mix of Pilates, cardio and interval training.

…but WOW, I tell you WOW.

Her ‘Six  Week Six Pack’  video certainly did pack a punch.  I literally feel like I’ve been punched repeatedly above the knee-caps and lower back.  Surprisingly... my '2 pack' is feeling okay so far though  ;)

This is the consequence I reap for eating too many pancakes.   BAH.

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